Jet Club Program

The private jet market is a complicated space with multiple options, including Jet Cards, Fractional Programs, and Charter programs. At flyExclusive, we are creating an entirely different kind of private aviation relationship—a partnership in our Jet Club. A partnership that for the first time truly benefits frequent private jet flyers. We’re leveraging our decades of knowledge and expertise in the aviation industry to give our Jet Club Members more control, more certainty and more consistency when they fly.

The flyExclusive Jet Club is not another jet card, it’s not a charter program or fractional ownership. Our Jet Club gives Members easy and instant access to a large, fleet of aircraft, without the burden of ownership or the uncertainty and inconsistency of virtually every other option in private air travel. Simple is possible in the private jet market. And together we’re building a better business so you can have a better long-term relationship with flyExclusive as your private jet partner.

As a Jet Club Member, you benefit from:

  • Consistency in your experience with a reliable, owned fleet
  • Highly-competitive hourly rates
  • Significant savings over the life of the partnership
  • Personalized service and ease-of-use with a dedicated member services team
  • Access like an owner without capital intensive investments or monthly management fee
  • Partnering with an operator with the highest safety ratings in the private jet market

To learn more about the Jet Club, please contact us below: